Dr Shruti Alla is the best paediatric skin specialist with specialised skills in managing various conditions, including bacterial, fungal and viral skin infections. Paediatric dermatology mainly concentrates on treating children from birth to their teenage years, as it is the most common time for skin disorders.

We have the latest skills and techniques to preserve the skin quality of your child. We perform non-invasive surgeries and offer safe as well as ethical treatments in our clinic. Skin is more sensitive to dust, pollution, exposure to the sun and other environmental changes at a young age.

Services offered:

  • The most common paediatric skin disorders are vascular (red) birthmarks, moles or warts, skin rashes, poison ivy, ringworm, hives, and cradle cap. Acne can also appear in adolescence and cause scarring affecting the self-esteem of children.
  • We offer minimally invasive techniques for the management of skin disorders in children. We have the best medical facilities for bacterial, fungal, viral skin infections. We offer the best acne treatment and laser scar removal.
  • Our team is kind, passionate and patient with the children and puts extra effort to make them feel better. We have both surgical and minimally invasive techniques to cure skin problems, and we also ensure a holistic approach to cure the ailment.

For us, every child is essential, and every child is different, so we have a patient-centric approach and work according to our patient's concerns and needs. We offer top-quality services and seamless care at an affordable price. If your child has any skin, hair or nail disorders, schedule your appointment with us now.

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